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The timeline of bad act by the “small group” in DC.

Doug Ross has been keeping tabs on the scandal.  With help of his readers he has a pretty complete timeline of what happened, when and involving whom. You can tell how one event seemed to create or impact another.  You … Continue reading

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The danger of the “government employee” syndrome in intelligence. The “why” no one should trust James Clapper.

Or John Brennan for that matter. There are people who make a career of staying inside the system. That choice forces them to decide what they are going to accept and what they are going to resist.  Often, they accept … Continue reading

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A reminder of the limits of police capabilities, especially if politically hamstrung. The killing of the British soldier.

It should have never happened. And had the MI5 folks been able to sweep up the killer a while back, instead of trying to recruit him, that soldier on that particular day would be alive.  That’s not saying another soldier … Continue reading

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What happens when you bad mouth a rich guy. He might just plunk down money to prove you an idiot.

Trust me, it is a dream of mine to get enough cash together to joust at windmills of corruption and complacency.  This guy has the cash and decided he had enough of the snubbing arrogant attitude of a university president.  … Continue reading

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