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Marco Rubio takes a stick to the liberal white guys in the Senate who have no clue what oppression looks like.

Look. The bottom line here is the  liberal white progressives in our nation are clueless as to the real sufferings of the rest of the world who aren’t..liberal white progressives.  But they stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night … Continue reading

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When old men won’t let go. The cat fight between the new guard and McConnell.

There is nothing sadder than the latter days of a veteran quarterback who can no longer hit the long post route, but thinks he can and when he does try ends up throwing more and more easy interceptions.  Nothing is … Continue reading

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Ted Cruz, standing for principle, and the falling illusion of Obamacare.

The insiders in Washington are going nuts.  On their way to the cocktail parties they have loved to attend during their long professional political career, they ran smack dab into that classic  crazy guy on the street corner holding up … Continue reading

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How to lose weight and your chance at the Presidency all at the same time. NJ Christie’s 2016 dream.

There is a saying in Congress that every time a Senator looks in the mirror he/she sees a President.  On more than one occasion I’m betting you could apply that to governors too.  In Christie’s case there is no doubt … Continue reading

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Black leaders make a valid point. Immigration reform will further damage black employment.

They are right.  People in the black community have been mishandled for generations by those who would want to trade their opportunities to be free of dependency for guaranteed votes. We all know this.  Look at Detroit or Chicago or … Continue reading

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