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David Sirota must be trying to shred this one. His love article for Venezuela socialism

I thought about sending him and email, but he’s a socialist leftie and by definition cannot learn from their mistakes.  It’s sad to watch what may be a modern Walter Duranty try to smooth over what was a failing state … Continue reading

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Your kids, the next generation and the wonder and importance of the Hunger Games movies.

I cannot emphasize this enough. Take your kids to see the Hunger Games movies and watch it with them. Especially if they are over ten years old and starting to ask questions about how things work. Why? Simple, it is … Continue reading

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If you ever wonder if evil exists in this world, look no farther than the good intentions of Belguim.

More proof that if given their head, socialists and elites will promote theories bordering on the macabre, and justify those theories as another “for the good of the people” madness. This time it is arguing children have the right to … Continue reading

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