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And as Trump weighs the options, here comes the “false flag” claims.

As TCTH says, does it matter?  I think we need the truth, then decide, so yes. Was the gas attack an attack or an explosion of gas containers hit by bombs?  It would be nice to know if the tasked … Continue reading

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Who gassed the Syrians?

Right now Trump is doing a victory lap over a limited airstrike in retaliation for what he believes is the Syrian government bombing people with nerve gas.  That’s about it. But what do we know?  We know the Brits sent … Continue reading

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Terrorism, cultural manipulation, socialism and which is worse.

Paris France. Everyone on the planet knows what happened. Most know why. It isn’t the terrorists that did this, they were only the end result, but it was the widely suicidal Western culture that is being led by arguably insane … Continue reading

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Missiles, like payoffs to terror groups are fungible. They can end up anywhere. Stingers shooting our people down?

I think we can say the Obama foreign policy agenda is a mess. Taliban being let go, Iraq falling apart under the ISIS assaults, and Hillary running around saying all is well like a bad Kevin Bacon imitation. If no … Continue reading

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Sometimes you can say it in a picture. A cartoon explanation for the low information voter.

For some the idea of using our military to be the AQ’s air force is unbelievably stupid.  Others get confused because they want to support Obama.  But this cartoon puts it in the best light.  We are going to get … Continue reading

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What is the difference between Jack Nicholson and John McCain?

Jack had the sense to call it quits when he started losing it. He’ll still sit court side at Los Angeles Lakers’ games, but Hollywood legend Jack Nicholson has quietly retired from the movie business, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned. The … Continue reading

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Obama’s War. Syria and his AQ allies.

How do you tell if a man has no concept of morality or a sense of conscience and maybe lacks discipline and common sense? Simple use this guy as an example. If Barack Obama decides to attack the Syrian regime, … Continue reading

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