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Hopefully Trump isn’t impressed with the Pope, the guy is a communist.

The Soviet Union realized back in the thirties that the most dangerous element facing it was religion.  And violent attack against “the Church” would not have worked.  So, they figured out a different approach.  They created Social Justice Warrior philosophy … Continue reading

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Why are players on different sides of the immigration problem playing together so hard?

It is all… about… the… money.…. Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer has held private talks on immigration with Republican Reps. Paul Ryan and Trey Gowdy. President Barack Obama’s emissaries have spoken with House GOP leadership about an overhaul. Speaker John Boehner … Continue reading

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MIT professor pulls back the curtain on Global Warming..uh Climate Change… uh. It’s about the money.

Thanks for getting on board. BOSTON (CBS) — A new proposal on climate change focuses on public health, energy, transportation and basic infrastructure. Under the plan unveiled Tuesday, $40 million will go to help cities and towns shore up the … Continue reading

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A well written explanation of the future of our Western way of life. Basically, the party is over. Which also explains the lies of climate change.

There are two points I want to make here. First I’ll reference a very honest article written by Stephen King (not that King) who is a chief economist at HBSC.  Unlike Friedman and Krugman, who are shills for the progressive … Continue reading

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Peeling the onion. The post I lost and then found. Why legalizing dope won’t work out.

I had this posted at my old site which was spammed to death. I thought I had lost it.  I’ve decided to post it again as a way to get the argument out there that legalizing dope is a bad, … Continue reading

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Obama thinks he can tell people what a “good retirement” should look like. Goes along with his “smaller America” point of view.

I read this the other day and thought just how appropriate it is.  Do you think the millions upon millions Obama is sacking away now and after he leaves will be limited by some future administration?  No, of course not. … Continue reading

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