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“A twenty thousand dollar attorney holding a sign that says ‘Immunity offers taken here.'” Holly Paz looks for a way out.

There was a mystery afoot in the IRS scandal. Holly Paz, the second in command under Lois Lerner (the “I did nothing wrong but I plead the fifth” gal), disappeared off the map after giving testimony to Congress about the … Continue reading

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FBI director doesn’t know who is in charge of the IRS investigation- or little else for that matter.

“Gosh Beav, you think he would at least carried in a note with a name?” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) didn’t hide his surprise during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday in which FBI Director Robert Mueller told the lawmaker he wasn’t aware of … Continue reading

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Thirty years ago, Paul Ryan would have got up and whacked him right there.

Jim McDermott is an idiot.  Frankly, his statement is like the judge blaming the rape victim for wearing a short dress.  And it makes some want to walk over and smack him while saying “You see, it’s YOUR fault! If … Continue reading

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WH says the woman in charge of the IRS during the scandal is innocent. No proof she did anything wrong. Oh, man let me try!

You can’t make up the arrogant chutzpah of the White House!  I love these guys.  I do.  Here they say Sarah Hall Ingram has no part of any of the IRS scandal, even though she personally ran it during the … Continue reading

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