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The coming threat of ISIS. They won’t attack bases, they will do this.

The question would be how would our disconnected President respond? And please don’t say he’ll send this guy in!   Gateway Pundit took the time to remind us this is the tenth anniversary of the Beslan school attacks.  Many people … Continue reading

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What qualifies as domestic terrorism. Depending on who you ask a lot of things- this one for sure.

They tried to take down the grid. And had they a better understanding of how it worked (which is not a secret) they would have done so. Electricity and its benefits has been with us for so long that we … Continue reading

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What does the OKC bombing and the CIA analyst cover up have in common? That when things go wrong, there is always an attempt to hide it.

I’m not one of those OKC  bombing consipiracists, at least not in the general big government, the President knows kind of way.  But if you were to ask me can this be part of an operation run by an element … Continue reading

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Obama’s War. Syria and his AQ allies.

How do you tell if a man has no concept of morality or a sense of conscience and maybe lacks discipline and common sense? Simple use this guy as an example. If Barack Obama decides to attack the Syrian regime, … Continue reading

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Explaining AQ Big Mac style. It isn’t a corporation as much as it is a franchise.

It isn’t rocket science and the enemy are certainly not geniuses.  What they have is location, location, location and a local logistical support.  That is why they have trouble here causing problems and have no problem there doing the same. … Continue reading

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Of course he is. Hasan is taking over his own case.

Remember, the terrorist handbook promotes them abusing us by using our own money, benefits and rules.  It is all about fomenting confusion and forcing us to use resources.  I expected this sooner.  The only good news is he is paralyzed … Continue reading

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You have to think the agents looked at each other and went “Ah CR*P!” Shooting suspect in Orlando.

Bottom line is the guy has how many cops around him when he “lunged at an agent” and was shot dead?  Where did he get the knife? They had him for three hours before he went nuts.  Even if it … Continue reading

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Here’s a question. What if Michelle or Barack were in Benghazi that night? Still no help sent because it was “impossible?”

Remember, this is a two tier issue. 1. The deaths of the Americans and the lack of ability to respond to protect the compounds was a result of BAD POLICY promoted by the Obama administration.  It was a result of … Continue reading

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American Thinker links to a great article on Islam. Worth reading.

Clarice Feldman does some nice writing over there. She highlights someone she thinks did a great job examining what exactly we are up against.  Here is part of it. Prisons are full of 300 pound men who beat their 90 … Continue reading

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Judith Miller says NYPD would have done it better. Reading her article, she’s right.

After 9/11 NYPD had to take a hard look at itself. It wasn’t happy with what it saw. While a good department that controlled crime inside its city, it was as complacent as the rest of the nation when it … Continue reading

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