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The reason the Brits are freaking. It’s a numbers game.

Let’s say for fun this is WW2.  The plan for the British to defeat the Nazis is to import 23,000 Nazi soldiers-  or two and a half divisions of trained warriors – and send them to all parts of the … Continue reading

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Texas shootout..uh jihadi whacking Raylan style!

It wasn’t a terrorist attack.  It didn’t qualify, much like all the horses falling down out of the gate in a horse race..well isn’t a horse race. Why? Because our people were ready for them and the traffic cop who … Continue reading

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These guys aren’t Mexicans. The video that should be played on TV every night.

We’ve known for a long time, after warnings from the Border Patrol and others, that a number of the “illegals” crossing the border were not Hispanic.  In fact, prayer rugs and other items from cultures in the Middle East were … Continue reading

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Rut Ro! Congress is looking for the FBI file on the brothers.

Time to start practicing in front of the  mirror your “I’m shocked, shocked I tell you! There’s terrorism afoot in America?!” speech. _____ —Now members of Congress want to know how someone who was brought to the attention of authorities … Continue reading

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My friend, who teaches terrorism classes, has a theory. They are already out of here.

I can’t say I agree or disagree, but his theory is that the bombers were organized and efficient.  The target was typical of the Al Qaeda as was the method of setting two bombs off along a route. There was … Continue reading

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