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Texas shootout..uh jihadi whacking Raylan style!

It wasn’t a terrorist attack.  It didn’t qualify, much like all the horses falling down out of the gate in a horse race..well isn’t a horse race. Why? Because our people were ready for them and the traffic cop who … Continue reading

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What happens when you shoot the drunk driver who killed your kids? Well in Texas, nothing.

As it should be. A fascinating case. Imagine this: A man and his two boys are pushing their car along a road, just 100 yards or so from their home, after it runs out of gas. Another car comes barreling … Continue reading

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Wendy Davis and the “Me” womanhood motive.

Boy, am I familiar with this.  Wendy Davis is a woman bent on success (read power) and will do anything and anybody to get there. “It’s all about my survival, my needs, my world.” And the Left loves her and … Continue reading

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Welfare user explains why. “Would you take a million dollars if someone gave it to you?”

Just listen in and get ready to say “Ahhh, of course!”  She makes a number of good points, including that she can’t find work that would pay enough to offset the welfare income. If that’s the case, and you can … Continue reading

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Tasteless is an understandment. California, the land of fools makes fun of death in Texas.

The cartoon shows just how government oriented and foolish the people are in California.  The Texas fire and explosion at a fertilizer factory was not caused by someone didn’t fool some regulation.  Regulations are rules developed by people who think … Continue reading

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