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Ben Rhodes does America a favor and tells us why the MSM is so twisted.

From the mouths of drunks and fools occasionally a serious and honest  statement blurts out.  Ben Rhodes made a splash after pushing through the Iranian deal by lying to the MSM about its value and it’s underlying bad deals.  When … Continue reading

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Just us…Bill Whittle’s bleak summation

Worth watching.  Just not encouraging. To push HRC across the finish line, far too many people have compromised, or revealed their lack of, ethics.  

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How they lie about gun control. Just manipulate the facts.

I saw this and felt it worthy of a few comments. Not just for this particular subject but for the overall subject of “What is truth?” Truth is what the powerful and the controlling entities say it is.  In another … Continue reading

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The seven things we learned from the hearing. PJMedia points out what we all suspected. They lied.

And they were horrible at it. In a real world people who do what they did get fired, sued or go to jail.  In politics they get to run for President.  Especially if the people who control the media want … Continue reading

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