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Ferguson, DOJ and the outcome of reverse racism.

In a nutshell.  Holder is a racist. Obama is a racist.  Michelle is a racist.  It just is.  They hate the way America is handling with they consider a racist problem- black crime.  The problem they have is America is … Continue reading

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Conflating two issues. Police shooting without justification and the Mike Brown case. Salt Lake City better example.

And there are others. Mike Brown is NOT the case to hang the rioting, looting, Sharpton hat on.  In fact, a better case may turn out to be this one. Trouble is, the reports coming in hide the race of … Continue reading

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A great disappointment to me. The police forgetting their mission- to serve and keep the peace.

It kind of creeps up.  The change in the police from being peace officers, sometimes having to do violence, to men and women who think their lives are more important than the lives of the people they serve- by a … Continue reading

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The President shows Sharpton who shows the adults who shows the teenagers who show the kids. The “how” in starting race conflicts.

It’s a tough line to hold, but it is still a line.  Obama green lights the whole racial thing because he, like Mao, believes in chaos government.  Everybody spending energy fighting each other, less energy taking a hard look at … Continue reading

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“Entitlement” violence. The crisis that no one wants to face. Especially our leaders.

There was a celebration for the fiftieth anniversary of  MLK. The speakers were the regular group of liberal activists and many complained they were still being held back by racism.  Frankly, I caught a few snippets of the speech and … Continue reading

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Another example of why we can’t win against Islamic radicalism. They are raised different.

Happy Mother’s day…  Here is a mom from the other side of the War on Terror. One Islamic radical mother laid out the issue concisely-  “I advise you to raise your children in the cult of jihad and martyrdom and … Continue reading

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Why does he continue to lie, even when caught? Obama and the Mexican gun running scam

Why? He will never be held accountable for his words or his deeds, neither by the people of America or his conscience- because he obviously lacks one. Humans will take the most direct path between what they want and the … Continue reading

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