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Explaining AQ Big Mac style. It isn’t a corporation as much as it is a franchise.

It isn’t rocket science and the enemy are certainly not geniuses.  What they have is location, location, location and a local logistical support.  That is why they have trouble here causing problems and have no problem there doing the same. … Continue reading

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Bill Whittle schools shallow intellectual Jon Stewart on WWII and the atomic bomb.

It’s a great video and frankly fun to watch as Whittle take apart the liberal mantra that America had a choice over dropping the bomb.  People don’t realize we were slowly burning Japan to the ground anyway. Watch and enjoy. … Continue reading

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Another example of why we can’t win against Islamic radicalism. They are raised different.

Happy Mother’s day…  Here is a mom from the other side of the War on Terror. One Islamic radical mother laid out the issue concisely-  “I advise you to raise your children in the cult of jihad and martyrdom and … Continue reading

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Understanding Chechnya and its terrorists

They scare Jihadists.  Chechnya has been at war, a violent VIOLENT war with Russia for years.  In fact, in the first war the Russians, mostly conscripts but heavily armed, went up against the fighters in Grozny.  They were beaten back … Continue reading

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