The book “Revolt”.

New PictureI wrote the original manuscript back in 1996 as a political thriller.  In 2008 I decided to pull it back out and release it.  Back then nobody really believed our nation would be subjected to a narcissistic President who believed he was destined to rule America and was trained by those who wanted to see the downfall of our nation.  Back then people just couldn’t imagine a nation so scared, so unstable that someone pulling a few key levers could simply crash the society and take control.

It has happened before to other nations. We are not immune to the attempt.

The question is will the American people stand for it?

In a small town in Idaho a community stands up and says enough.  That act unleashes the plan the President had in place for a long time.  A fearful Congress goes along with him because they know their Ponzi scheme is about to fail.

A few brave citizens refuse to submit and what happens next will decide the fate of the nation and maybe of the world.


New Picture


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